Friday, April 3, 2009

Do you believe in evolution?

This is really a stupid question, but it is a good trick question, for revealing someones understanding or lack of understanding of science.

Acceptance of evolution is not a belief, it is a recognition of the scientific process in action. If you have no understanding of the concepts behind the modern theory of evolution, and the scientific process, you might think the question is about your religion.

The theory of biological evolution is not just something that popped into Darwin's head, turning him into a god who is to be believed forever after. Darwin observed the natural world and came up with some possible explanations and wrote these down. His own personal beliefs on the matter are irrelevant. What matters is that his work was the needed inspiration, to start a new area of investigation that has vastly improved our understanding of how the world works. The success of modern medicine is largely a result of this understanding. Thousands of scientist have worked hard over the last 150 years to refine our understanding of biological evolution. This is not something you just throw away because it contradicts your belief, and you are too lazy to educate yourself about critical thinking.

The whole argument about God vs Darwin is a stupid argument. The real argument is about whether or not we should base our actions on careful observations, experiment, and critical thinking, or our beliefs.

Believe whatever you want, but please keep it at home, and don't use it as an excuse for destroying the foundation on which modern society is built. Let our children get a proper education, based on an understanding of how to use their minds for solving problems.

If your personal beliefs interfere with your understanding of the scientific process, you should definitely not hold public office in a position where you make national decisions on science policy and funding.


DKT said...

Well said!!!

Ian said...

Better question: How old do you think the Earth is? Since they will often pussy-foot around evolution or accept "changes over time."

eadnams said...

I think that Evolution on earth and the big bang if anything, are evidence of a creator. What caused the big bang? We don't know. Why has *intelligent* life evolved on our planet alone(that we know of) in scientifically impossible odds. With our ecosystem so fragile and perfect for the evolution of life? We don't know!
I do not see Faith and Science as opposed, but co-supportive... Assuming both "sides" have open minds.

Both side's however, tend to show that their equally close-minded, and in my books no better than the other because of that.

samantha said...


Saying "we don't know so God did it" is the "God of the gaps" sort of apologetics. That we don't know does not give any information for positing anything, much less God, to fill the gap. Faith is something else again. Some more or less define it as believing things without evidence. It is often taken as believing things not only without but contrary to evidence and to reason. As such it is not at all compatible with being a rational, that is reason respecting and reason abiding human being.