Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Cure For Cancer

Do you think we should find a cure for cancer? Yes you say.

Why do we not make this a priority in society? Why do we not give scientist the resources to get the job done?

This includes bright young minds coming out of university and medical school to bring new ideas into the research labs.

Maybe you daughter or son will be the one to solve the final piece of the puzzle. Make sure your children have that opportunity. It starts in elementary school. If our children finish high school without a basic understanding of Biology they will have difficulty taking Biology courses at University and going on to medical school. If you are going to do medical research you need to understand how life works.

Natural evolution is the foundation that life is built on. You must understand evolution in order to understand how our bodies got to be the way they are and how the processes within the body work.

Evolution is the accumulation of small changes over time, and it is still happening. This is why new virus keep appearing and why flu vaccines need to be re-formulated every year.

Ok, not every kid is going to become a medical researcher, but wouldn't it be nice if they could at least make some sense out of what is happening in the world, and not be sucked in be every scam artist that comes along.


Ian said...

The main issue with "curing cancer" is that each form of cancer is unique and is caused by a variety of things - radiation, genetics, environment, etc. so "curing" may not be possible for all forms.

Better therapies and treatments will be developed and we may one day reach a 99% chance of surviving any and all forms of cancer (when caught reasonably early).

But of course you get a lot more money by saying that you want to "cure cancer" then trying to explain complex medical science to politicians.

Bill Burris said...

Blog writing is also easier if you leave out the details.