Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Is The Meaning Of Life

The meaning of life is something you must determine for yourself. The search for the answer to this question has led many people down the garden path. You have a mind of your own so why not use it. Do not turn control of your mind over to anyone else.

I don't like to use mystical words because they tend to lead people down the garden path, but maybe this will help give you a new perspective. God is not running the show, God is the show. This will still lead you down the garden path if you don't think about it carefully. Lets do a word substitution, to remove the mystical connotations. The Universe is the show.

What makes the universe mystical is that we do not understand it all and probably never will. Being in awe or not understanding does not give us an excuse to blame it on a magic man in the sky. To understand where we are headed requires studying the Universe. Science and our minds are the best tools we have for this investigation. The purpose for Science is to add depth to the meaning of life. The more we understand the more awestruck we are with what we find.

The Universe has direction, things are getting more complex as time goes by. Atoms formed into molecules, molecules formed into cells, cells formed into life, life became conscious. The universe is becoming smarter, why don't we emulate that with our personal lives.

The gaps in our understanding of evolution of the universe and why it has a direction is not an excuse to get mystical, but motivation for doing more Science.

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